Life Lessons from God’s School in the Journey of Life

3 September, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Psalm 90 |

Who better to learn life lessons than from a man who spent time in the wilderness, Moses.

As men we do not listen very well, and so we need someone who is worth listening too. Moses, the man of God, is the oldest man to give a Father's Day message. He would have been over 100 when he wrote this Psalm. We want to learn from him some of the issues of life. Who better than to learn from a man who walked with God.

Why Moses? He is a straight shooter, he has grappled with the frustrations of leading a million people, he knows about life, impossible situations, and things that do not seem fair. He is a humble man, in Numbers 12:3 he is called a very meek man. He really has lived life. He lived as a celebrity in Pharaoh's house, and he lived a life of silence in the wilderness. He is a man who knew God.

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