The Rule for our Leadership – The Qualifications of an Overseer (Part 1)

6 August, 2017 ()

Bible Text: 1 Timothy 3:1-13 |


There was a man by the name of Armstrong who wrote an ordination hymn entitled, “O Thou Who Makest Souls to Shine”. Within this hymn are the lines,

Themselves first training for the skies,

They best will raise their people their.

To which one commentator concluded that this…

…is how it is in our passage, which deals with the leaders of the churches, and teaches that if those leaders would lead others aright, they must themselves be led aright.[i]

The lives of those responsible for the leadership of the house of God, should show what it means to be governed by the Word and the Spirit of God. As Paul finishes addressing the congregation as a whole, and sharing the way the Gospel should be lived out within our lives; he turns to those men, looking at taking that next step of growth. Paul takes that inspired pen and challenges that if a man is to be entrusted with the leadership of a church these things must be evident in his life.

The first leader addressed is the “bishop” (or “overseer”). It denotes an office whose charge is to ensure the church is heading towards success. They are to watch over and care for the day-to-day spirit of the local church. Equipping the saints with the proper tools so they can accomplish the mission God has called them to fulfil, being attentive to each members gifts to guide them to a suitable place to serve where they will benefit the local body the best.

[i] King, Guy H. (1962). A Leader Led: An Expositional Study of 1 Timothy (p. 57). Basingstoke, Hants., RG23 TCP. Marshall, Morgan & Scott, Ltd.

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